International Conference on Precision Dairy Farming

Dr Greta Veronica Berteselli will participate in the “International Conference on Precision Dairy Farming” held in Vienna (Austria) from 29 August to 2 September 2022. She will present a poster entitled “In dairy cows is there a relation between reduced lying time measured with PLF sensors and increased salivary biomarkers of stress and immunity?”.

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The study shows a possible correlation between changes in the time budget of dairy cows and in particular the decrease in lying time, assessed through PLF (precision livestock farming), and certain salivary stress and immune biomarkers. Lying time has been shown to be a significant behaviour and any change in this behaviour can be a symptom of a stressful situation in the dairy cow. The synergy between behavioural assessment, physiological parameters and production indicators may be an innovative approach to welfare assessment of dairy cows.

This study is a part of ClearFarm Project