73rd EAAP Annual Congress

Dr. Gaia Pesenti Rossi will present the posters of the papers “Immunocastration in heavy pig production: growth performance and carcass characteristics” and “Effect of immunocastration on body lesions in heavy pigs: preliminary results” at the 73rd annual EAAP congress – European Federation of Animal Science, in Porto (PT) from 5 to 9 September 2022.

With this work the results about the use of immunocastration in the context of heavy pig farming will be presented. They are part of the research project “Porcastro – Experimental tests on alternative systems to castration without anaesthesia and analgesia in pig farming for the improvement of animal welfare”. The use of this technique would make it possible to maintain good production performance, although it presents some critical issues related to animal welfare in the initial phases of treatment.

More information on the project on the CRPA Foundation website.

PorCastro project logo
conference poster