Farm animals

The welfare of farm animals has been our priority for many years: it is a topic that is attracting increasing interest not only from the livestock world but also from the public opinion. In collaboration with other universities and public and private organisations, we are involved in developing animal welfare indicators and assessment protocols (e.g., Welfare Quality® and AWIN) for different livestock species. Given the constant evolution of this topic, research is constantly evolving to include new species or different management types (intensive, extensive, organic).

Companion animals

running dog
photo by R. Luongo

For us, a proper human-dog/cat relationship and the owner education is essential prerequisites for a correct coexistence with our pets. Numerous studies have been carried out to improve dogs and cats wellbeing in shelters (kennels and catteries), trying to improve their lives during their stay. For horses, research ranges from the management of the animal in stables to the evaluation of the human-animal relationship. Important pet therapy collaborations with institutions and hospitals have been active for years.

National projects

International Projects


  • Agreement with the shelter A.DI.CA in Lodi for internship activities for students of the various degree courses and for veterinary care services related to behavioural medicine including courses for future owners, pre-adoption consultations for future owners of shelter dogs, post-adoption behavioural visits, behavioural assessment and rehabilitation of shelter dogs not yet adopted (2019 to date)
  • Agreement with the Shelter park in Milan for internship activities for students of the various degree courses and for collaboration on various animal welfare projects (2019 to date)
  • Research agreement with MSD Animal Health S.r.l. on the impact of climate change on dog and cat behaviour (2019-2021)
  • Collaboration with the ATS of Varese. Definition of a procedure for the evaluation of structures, management procedures and welfare indicators measured directly on animals for the assessment and protection of animal welfare in cattle, sheep and goat and horse breeding (2012-2014)