Greta Veronica Berteselli

Research fellow

DVM, PhD, Specialist in Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare

Greta graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Milan in 2003. She obtained her PhD in Animal Production curriculum Applied Ethology in 2009.

She obtained specialist title in Applied Ethology, and Welfare of Small Animals in 2006. Her scientific research focused mainly on stress mechanisms and the physiological, immune and behavioural consequences in pets, and on behavioural medicine. After her doctorate she kept on working in the field of behavioural medicine and animal welfare. She has worked at the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise dealing with national projects, funded by the Ministero della Salute, on dog population management and welfare of dogs housed in long-term shelters and community dogs, in an One Health approach. She has developed and validated tools for assessing the welfare of these groups of dogs (i.e. Shelter Quality Protocol).

She is currently involved as a researcher in the European project ClearFarm (Co-designed welfare monitoring platform for pig and dairy cattle) which aims to create a software platform that integrates data from precision livestock farming (PLF) sensors to obtain animal welfare information useful for both consumers and farmers.